18 September 2017

Sean David Morton Sentenced to Federal Prison

Sean David Morton sentenced to federal prison.
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(Special thanks to Greg Bishop of Radio Mysterioso for his coverage of the sentencing hearing and providing ufowatchdog.com with updates and details)

UPDATE 09/18 @ 10:09PM (PST):  Greg Bishop has posted his notes from what he saw at the sentencing today.

Today at 11AM (PST), a federal judge sentenced bogus psychic Sean David Morton to 72 months in federal prison for his part in a tax scheme in which he was found guilty of falsifying tax documents, filing false tax returns while victimizing people for tens of thousands of dollars in a straw-man redemption scheme, and defrauding the IRS out of nearly $500,000.00.

Morton, who gained notoriety through the late night radio show Coast To Coast AM and through new age/UFO seminars for his wild predictions and UFO tales, was convicted on over 50 felony counts in federal court in early April.  Morton boasted he was "simply the best" when it came to making accurate psychic predictions, yet he never foresaw the coming of his own demise.

Federal agents originally arrested Morton and his wife in February 2016 as they disembarked from a conspiracy convention that took place aboard a cruise ship - ironically, one of the charges against The Mortons was conspiracy.  The Mortons were released after posting bond and later went to trial in federal court.

Prior to their arrest, the IRS contacted The Mortons on more than one occasion advising them the paperwork and forms they were filing were illegal and to cease filing them.  When The Mortons continued to file false bonds and paperwork in spite of repeated warnings from the IRS, a federal grand jury convened and indicted The Mortons on numerous felony counts.  While prosecutors filed 56 charges against each of The Mortons, they had the option of filing in excess of 100 charges against each Sean David Morton and Melissa Ann Morton.

Federal agents later served a search warrant on Morton's apartment and seized computers, mobile phones, and documents among other items.

During the trial, Morton represented himself and filed a myriad of bizarre filings in an attempt to disrupt proceedings, including proclaiming himself judge of his own court.

Self proclaimed "legal and
constitutional expert"
Sean David Morton.
"The court is familiar with the multitude of nonsensical pleadings [Morton] filed and stated in Court throughout the course of this criminal case, which has not abated since his conviction. [Morton]'s pattern of conduct of filing unintelligible pleadings began weeks after the initial indictment of defendants...The day [Morton] was released from his arrest, he filed unintelligible pleadings..." -- Prosecutors in a sentencing recommendation for Sean David Moron

Morton was advised several times by the presiding judge concerning his outbursts in court and his repeatedly calling IRS agents "jack booted thugs".  A jury took two hours to deliberate and return guilty verdicts on all counts against Morton and his wife.

After his conviction, prosecutors from the Department of Justice were seeking an 87 month prison term calling Morton "a serial fraudster."  Morton was scheduled to be sentenced in June but failed to appear in court as ordered.  A warrant for Morton's arrest was immediately issued.

"This is clearly a case where [Morton] has willfully undertaken a systematic effort to impede this prosecution and the resulting sentencing." -- Prosecutors sentencing recommendation on Morton.

Federal agents began surveillance on Morton's apartment, later spotting Morton's car parked at a nearby Domino's Pizza.  A short time later, federal agents observed Morton walking out of the business wearing a hat, sunglasses, a hooded jacket with the hood up, carrying a black computer bag.  Morton got back into his car and drove away.  It is unknown what kind, if any pizza Morton may have ordered.

Federal agents continued following Morton where he next stopped at the Fairmount Private School in Anaheim, California.  Agents reported being able to see Morton in the building as Morton repeatedly looked through a window, but did not elaborate on why Morton was there.  It appears the agents were waiting for what they felt was the best tactically safe place and time to arrest Morton, and with good reason; Morton's wife had told federal agents that Morton had a firearm.

On June 21st, agents from the U.S. Marshall's Service observed Morton's car parked in the driveway of his apartment and moved in to take Morton into custody.  Agents entered the apartment only to find Morton's wife inside and she denied knowing his whereabouts.

Melissa Morton had been allowed to remain out of custody on a release agreement which included her allowing federal authorities to monitor her cellphone and computer activity along with her agreeing to have no contact with Morton.  She also agreed to pay $10,000.00 if she violated any of the terms of her release.

Sean David Morton on a live YouTube interview while
he was still a wanted fugitive.
While on the run from authorities, Morton appeared on a live streaming YouTube program.  During the broadcast, Morton called the prosecutors and judge in his case "the biggest gang of criminals you're ever gonna' see." He also stated no warrant had been issued for his arrest and he was working on addressing legal issues relating to his case.

Morton made the baffling and unsubstantiated claim that the federal government profited over $417,000,000.00 by prosecuting him in a "kangaroo court."  Federal prosecutors noted this YouTube appearance in Morton's updated sentencing recommendation.

All of Morton's disjointed and babbling appeals were denied well before the YouTube broadcast and he had brought an end to any legal options he might have had because he had not been sentenced.  In order for an appeal to be considered, a case has to be completed including a defendant having been sentenced.  Morton claims to be a "legal and constitutional expert", but he does not have a law degree nor is he a licensed attorney.

Morton said during this same program that he would be returning to his Internet radio show soon, and undoubtedly Morton intended to use his status as a federal fugitive in an attempt to bolster his show.  Morton appeared on another streaming Internet program where he mocked the government by jokingly saying "oh no, they found me" while he laughed.

Hotel where The Mortons were taken into custody.
The following day, August 21st, federal agents followed Morton's wife to a hotel in Desert Hot Springs, California where she was meeting with Morton to view the eclipse.  Morton was taken into custody by the hotel's pool while Melissa Morton was nowhere to be found.  Federal agents intercepted Melissa Morton as she attempted to elude them by driving out of the hotel parking lot.  The arrest brought Morton's 61 day run as a fugitive to an end and both of The Mortons were lodged in jail without bail.

"In its original sentencing position, the Government presented ample evidence of defendant’s obstreperous conduct leading up to and after the trial in this case..." -- Prosecutors in a revised sentencing recommendation on Morton.

Melissa Ann Morton
For her part in the tax scheme, Melissa Morton was sentenced today to 24 months in federal prison.  Melissa Morton helped to move and conceal funds she and Sean David Morton had fraudulently received from the government after they filed false tax returns multiple times in order to circumvent the IRS computer system.  She also helped to prepare and notarize false tax documents and filed false tax returns.

"[Sean David Morton] is a serial fraudster with a long history of perpetrating financial crimes and wasting precious time and resources of the government and the courts."  -- U.S. Attorney General on Sean David Morton.

The Mortons moved quickly to hide nearly $500,000 they received from the IRS through a fraudulent tax return.  Melissa Morton withdrew $70,000 in cash, opened other bank accounts to funnel funds into, and leased a BMW automobile.  Melissa Morton later lied to investigators about her bank accounts.  The Mortons filed multiple false tax returns attempting to obtain millions in fraudulent returns even though Sean David Morton has no verifiable income.

The Mortons were living it up while filing for
bankruptcy and claiming they were nearly homeless
after they defrauded investors out of $6,000,000
and later were charging people thousands for a
phony debt redemption scheme.
The Mortons charged people thousands of dollars claiming they could eliminate anyone's personal debt through a bonding process.  The Mortons received a letter from the California Tax Franchise Board advising the bonding process they were selling was not legitimate along with warnings from the IRS.

In spite of these warnings and knowing the process did not work, The Mortons continued selling the bonds to people including a woman who paid $2500.00 for The Mortons to erase her massive student loan debt, and an elderly couple who paid The Mortons $10,000 to erase their overwhelming debt.  In both cases, the bond process did not work and The Mortons refused to refund their money.

" I have never stolen from anyone in my life, and I cannot even fathom how someone could risk incurring such karma for base, short term monetary gain."  -- Sean David Morton in 2010 about his being sued by the SEC for defrauding investors.

The Mortons enjoyed season tickets
to USC Trojans football games
while claiming they were broke
and almost homeless in 2015.
In 2010, Morton and his wife were sued by the SEC in a case where The Mortons defrauded $6,000,000 from investors in what SEC officials called a "psychic scheme" where Morton claimed he could use his alleged psychic powers to predict the stock market.  The SEC investigation found very little of the money had actually been invested and The Mortons had diverted investor funds into personal accounts and shell companies.  The SEC also showed that none of Morton's stock market predictions were true nor accurate and Morton's claim of a prestigious financial firm accrediting the investment fund was also false.

The Mortons were ordered to repay nearly $12,000,000 in fines and restitution and were restrained from engaging in trading again.  The Mortons were sued by some of the investors including an elderly woman who lost her life savings in the scheme.

In 2015, The Mortons filed for bankruptcy but their application was denied after bankruptcy officers discovered The Mortons had lied under oath about their financial interests including claiming they paid for everything in cash and did not have bank accounts.  In spite of The Mortons claiming to be nearly destitute and homeless, they still managed to have season USC Trojans football tickets.  The Mortons were also charging people thousands of dollars in their debt redemption scheme and Morton was charging hundreds of dollars for psychic readings.

Click above to read the investigation Sean David Morton tried to suppress.
All he had to do was prove a single false statement had been made. When it came time for Morton to put up, his proof never materialized. Morton only needed to provide the court with a solitary piece of evidence and he couldn't do it."  --ufowatchdog.com editor on Morton's inability to prove any of his claims during a lawsuit Morton filed against ufowatchdog.com.

Morton was exposed in 2001 when ufowatchdog.com published its investigation, The Shameless Psychic and his Prophecy of Lies which exposed Morton's educational, background, psychic, and other claims as false.   In 2003, Morton attempted to sue ufowatchdog.com claiming the investigation was untrue and libelous.  After failing to prove a single claim in court, Morton lost and was ordered to pay $16,000 in legal fees to ufowatchdog.com.  Morton was directly invited to refute a single claim in the ufowatchdog.com investigation and he failed to do so.

Sean David Morton will be released from federal prion in 2023 and Melissa Ann Morton will be released in 2019.  During the sentencing hearing, Morton  spoke for roughly forty minutes telling the judge he was a sovereign citizen.  Morton told the judge it was a mistake that he represented himself in the trial and asked to be assigned legal counsel.  The judge denied Morton's request for representation and told Morton he explained the legal options available and the dangers of representing himself prior to trial.

The Mortons were both ordered to pay restitution, were ordered to not engage in any financial or debt relief, and will serve five years parole.

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15 September 2017

Gaia-Maussan Mummy Comes Unraveled

Looks like another "alien body" has bitten the dust.  A while back, the paid subscription website Gaia.com along with notorious UFO hoax promoter Jaime Maussan were advertising they had found what was described as a possible alien mummy.  Gaia.com made short work of producing some slick commercials to build the drama of this supposed discovery with many of those commercials running via Facebook ads for their monthly subscription service.

Well, the folks at Gaia.com and Jaime Maussan shouldn't be too quick to pat themselves on the backs just yet.  It looks like the DNA results are making the rounds everywhere except on Gaia.com or any of Maussan's social media.  What is making the rounds on social media is the following image purportedly from the lab performing the DNA analysis on the Nazca mummy:

This looks to be a single page from a forty-two page report and this page clearly states that a bone sample taken from the hand of the mummy was examined and found to be "a 100% match to Homo sapiens (human)."

There you have it in very plain words; the mummy is human.  End of story.  It should be, but now Gaia.com is saying the results were 99% in an attempt to muddy the waters so they can further attempt to propel this story in an effort to hook more subscribers.  It was predictable that Gaia would put some kind of spin on this to try to keep this story alive.  If Gaia.com was dedicated to the truth they make their mantra, then why have they not released the full DNA report?

Nothing Gaia.com has put forth to date proves this mummy is anything but and even that's a maybe.  We've seen a lot of slick social media ads, a few well produced videos, a lot of talk, and very little in terms of scientifically verifiable evidence.

"Time for Truth," at least this is how Starworks USA is advertising their symposium with scheduled speakers set to talk all about the Nazca mummy including Jaime Maussan.  Curious if they'll be informing the public about the results showing this "alien mummy" DNA came back as 100% human.  Probably not, after all these people make good money from this when they're able to hook a lot of gullible people in at $300 a pop and more.  At least you get an "all you can eat taco buffet", because, well, classy.

Morton Facing More Time in Prison

Sean David Morton and Melissa Ann Morton
Prosecutors in the Sean David Morton tax fraud case have recommended to a judge that Morton be sentenced to 109 months in federal prison; prosecutors had previously asked for 87 months.

Morton was convicted in April on over 50 felony counts in federal court for a tax scheme he and his wife had perpetrated.  Morton failed to show for his sentencing and became a wanted fugitive spending 61 days on the run before he and his wife were apprehended by federal agents at a hotel in Desert Hot Springs, California where the couple was staying to watch the solar eclipse on August 21st.

Melissa Morton was not a fugitive at the time of her arrest, but she had violated a release agreement in which she was not to have any contact with her fugitive husband pending her criminal sentencing.

The additional 22 months in prison prosecutors are asking for is due to Morton failing to appear for his sentencing.  Prosecutors also noted in a recently filed sentencing recommendation Morton's appearance in a video with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot where Morton claimed there was no warrant issued for his arrest and claimed there was no evidence to convict him.  In the video Morton called prosecutors in the case and the presiding judge "the biggest gang of criminals you're ever gonna' see."

Morton also claimed the federal government made over $417,000,000.00 from his criminal case through investment bonds, though Morton has not offered any evidence of this extremely wild claim.  To hear Morton ramble on more, you can see the video here.

Morton and his wife are scheduled to be sentenced this coming Monday, September 18th at 11AM (PST).  Morton's wife is facing 78 months in federal prison.  The Mortons remain lodged without bail with prosecutors citing they both pose a significant flight risk.

26 August 2017

Sentencing Date Set for Bunk Psychic Morton

Sean David Morton is scheduled for sentencing Sept. 18th at 11AM and remains lodged in the San Bernadino jail. While prosecutors recommended an 87 month prison term, Morton is likely to receive more time for failing to appear at his original sentencing in June. His wife and co-defendant Melissa Ann Morton is scheduled to be sentenced the following day, Sept. 19th the same date.

Both The Mortons were convicted on over 50 felony counts ranging from fraud to conspiracy.

23 August 2017

Morton's Run As Fugitive Comes to Predictable End

[To websites and social media posters taking this story verbatim and running with as if it was their own, knock it off and stop stealing my work. -- ufowatchdog.com]

UPDATED 08/24 @ 1:15pm - PST

Sean David Morton, the bunk psychic who gained notoriety thanks to late night radio host Art Bell and the Coast To Coast AM show, was taken into custody on Monday (same day as the eclipse) by federal agents from the U.S. Marshal's Service.  Also taken into custody was Morton's wife Melissa Ann Morton.  The arrest ended Sean David Morton's run as a fugitive for the past sixty-one days.

The Morton's were both convicted in early April 2017 on over 50 felony counts involving fraud and conspiracy stemming from their involvement in a tax scheme that netted them thousands of dollars from victims in a straw-man/redemption bonding scheme in which The Mortons told people they could erase anyone's debt.  The Mortons also obtained a nearly $500,000 fraudulent tax refund from the IRS.  When the IRS discovered the mistake and went to retrieve the funds, The Mortons moved quickly to hide the money, withdrew $70,000 in cash, bought a new BMW, and later lied to investigators about bank accounts involved in obtaining and hiding the funds.

Sean David Morton was scheduled to be sentenced on June 19, 2017 but did not appear as ordered by the court, resulting in a warrant being issued for Morton's arrest for failure to appear.  During his time as a fugitive, Morton appeared on a YouTube show claiming he had left the country and was in Iceland.  But several things in the video led ufowatchdog.com to believe Morton was still in the California area and this information was passed on to the Department of Justice.  It was also during this same YouTube interview that Morton claimed there was not a warrant for his arrest.

Morton's co-defendant Melissa Ann Morton (pictured right) was the subject of a conditional release agreement prior to her criminal sentencing next month.  That release agreement included the stipulation she have no contact with Sean David Morton.  The same release agreement also had the condition that federal agents could monitor Melissa Morton's computer and mobile phone.

In spite of the release agreement, documents show Melissa Morton had been in contact with Sean David Morton.  Melissa Morton was arrested on Monday at approximately noon according to records obtained by ufowatchdog.com stating she had been arrested for "violation of pretrial release" and "non-compliance with condition of supervision; contact with fugitive co-defendant".  Sean David Morton was arrested approximately thirty-minutes prior to his wife - it was unclear if they were together when the arrests occurred.

The Mortons were arrested at a hotel in Desert Hot Springs, California on Monday when agents from the IRS and U.S. Marshal's Service tracked Melissa Ann Morton to the location after discovering she'd be meeting with Sean David Morton, both were taken into custody without incident.

The Mortons appeared before a federal magistrate on Tuesday and both were ordered held without bond.  Melissa Morton's criminal sentencing for her conviction in the tax scheme is scheduled for September 19th.  A date for Sean David Morton's sentencing in the tax scheme has yet to be set.

The government has asked that The Mortons be remanded to custody due to them both posing a significant flight risk.  On Tuesday a judge ordered that Sean David Morton be held in custody.  It is unknown when a hearing on Melissa Morton's custody will be held, but she is likely to also be held in custody.  With Melissa Morton having violated her her release agreement she must pay $10,000 as she had been released on a signature bond in which the person being released agrees to pay a certain amount if the conditions of the release are violated.

Both Sean David Morton and Melissa Ann Morton were initially lodged at the Federal Metro Detention Center in Los Angeles, but have since been moved to the San Bernardino jail pending their next court appearances.

Sean David Morton was the subject of an in-depth investigation by ufowatchdog.com entitled The Shameless Psychic and his Prophecy of Lies.  The investigation exposed many of Morton's background, UFO, psychic, and educational claims as false.  Morton filed a lawsuit against ufowatchdog.com in 2003 claiming he'd been the subject of libel.  Unable to provide proof of his claims in court, Morton lost the lawsuit and was ordered to pay $16,000 in legal fees to ufowatchdog.com.

Morton and his wife were sued by the SEC in a securities fraud scheme where Morton claimed he could use his so-called psychic powers to predict the stock market.  Investors lost more than $6,000,000 and it was discovered that Morton and his wife had diverted investor funds to their personal and business accounts without investor knowledge. The Mortons were ordered to repay $11.5mil.


Details coming forth...

08 August 2017

Verdict Reached in Stan Romanek Criminal Trial

Stan Romanek
Alleged alien abductee Stan Romanek's criminal trial concluded and the jury began deliberations on Monday.

Earlier this afternoon the jury found Romanek guilty on one count of sexual exploitation of a child.  Romanek was found not guilty on a second charge of distributing child pornography.

The Department of Homeland Security was investigating a larger child pornography case and provided Loveland, Colorado police with information about Romanek allegedly possessing and distributing child pornography.

Loveland police arrested Romanek on February 13, 2014, charging him with possessing and distributing child porn.  A search warrant served on Romanek's home resulted in police seizing a laptop computer on which  over 300 images of child pornography and video were reportedly discovered.  The laptop had Romanek's name engraved on it.

According to an affidavit filed by police, during the execution of the search warrant, Romanek admitted he had seen child pornography on his computer but was unsure of how the images got onto his computer.  Romanek and his wife claimed they were the target of hackers because of what they supposedly know about UFOs and aliens.

Romanek pleaded not guilty and the case went to trial before a jury.

While Romanek's wife, Lisa, publicly stated that they would "bring UFOlogy into the courtroom", Romanek's defense attorney did not use UFOs or aliens as part of the defense.  Romanek's attorney argued many people had access to Romanek's computer including his wife and step-son.

The case was not without drama.  The trial was delayed for over a month while prosecutors provided Romanek's attorney with new evidence they discovered.  A former Loveland police officer was accused of tipping off Roamanek about the pending search warrant.  Romanek's wife spoke before the Loveland, Colorado city council about the lead detective in the case. The detective leading the investigation was discovered to be on a Brady List kept by the prosecutor's office.

Detective Brian Koopman

The Brady List stems from a precedent setting US Supreme Court case known as Brady v. Maryland.  During that case, prosecutors charging a man with murder failed to provide evidence showing the defendant had not committed the murder.  The US Supreme Court ruling states that prosecutors and police must turn over all evidence to a defendant including exculpatory evidence.  Exculpatory evidence includes knowing when a police officer has been dishonest or has any credibility issues.

In this instance, Loveland police detective Brian Koopman was placed on the district attorney's Brady List after he was accused of lying during a murder case.  Koopman faced a felony charge of influencing a public official in the matter, but was found not guilty.  Koopman remained employed by Loveland police and his name was placed on the Brady List after the district attorney's office determined he had lied during an investigation.  Koopman was also sued for allegedly targeting a man for manufacturing meth, but the meth turned out to be sugar.

Just prior to the trial, Netflix released a documentary about Romanek's claims of being abducted by extraterrestrials entitled Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story.  The company that produced the documentary, J3Films, sold it to Netflix for an undisclosed sum.

The documentary was completed about a month prior to Romanek being arrested and was supposed to stream online via pay-per-view.  The film was not released as scheduled and it is likely that Romanek's arrest was the cause of the film's release being postponed.

Roanek is currently free on bond and his sentencing is scheduled for October 19th, 2017 at 3:30PM.  The prison term for possessing child pornography in Colorado is 4 to 12 years.